Would you like a Facebook messenger bot for your business?

Would you like a Facebook messenger bot for your business?

From the need of one client a new platform is born. Chattabot, an extremely flexible artificial intelligence platform that allows you to create a  Facebook messenger bot for your Facebook page without any need of programming knowledge.

With Chattabot you now have a new way to automate your audience engagement in a more efficient way that is always in line with your strategy or pre defined goal. What ever your objective, be it delivery of news, updates, events information, information about your business, services, knowledge base, FAQs, product showcase, campaigns, contest tools, entertainment and much more, with Chattabot you can create a chatbot that can adapt to one or more of these objectives at the same time.

In the coming days we will be publishing more articles, tutorials tips and tricks about the Chattabot platform. For now we invite you to learn more about this platform by visiting our official website CHATTABOT.COM or better still take a test drive and see some of the things our Facebook messenger bot platform can do.

If you understand Romanian you can take a test drive on an implemented bot belonging to RETETE.CLUB, a bot designed to assist you with cooking recipes.

Let us know what you think drop a comment.

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